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31 mei 2017

Werken met toekomstbeelden. het is iets krachtig instrument dat we regelmatig inzetten als Schoolmakers. Recent schreef ik onderstaand artikeltje voor de ‘visiegazette‘. De visiegazette is een zelfgemaakte krant, voor en door collega’s die volop samen visie ontwikkelen over hun rol als speler in het hoger onderwijs. It’s written in English. As a taste of the impact of internationalisation in higher education :-)?

Imagine that you are teacher today. I am asking you the following: in the next academic year, purposively realise three out of the set of educational innovations and e-tools listed in the wordle below. Question your students about this matter and share your experiences with your colleagues.

How do you go about this? What kind of action do you undertake?

Now imagine that I am asking the same question to a teacher
– in 1980.
– in 2000.
– in 2030.

What is the same? What is different?

Educational innovation does not equal science fiction. Chances of finding merely a robot in front of the class room in 2030 are non-existent. Nevertheless, education is evolving. Sometimes rather superficially, at other times radically, going to the root. The world is changing and education adjusts itself accordingly. Information is proliferating and knowledge is no longer confined to one master source. Digital possibilities are expanding exponentially. Radicalisation, climate change, migrant waves, fake news, cyberattacks, a deeply stratified society, etcetera: challenges become more complex, simple solutions are not up to par. Citizens’ initiative, social entrepreneurship, and cocreation are gaining impetus. We increasingly consume, connect, and work across boundaries. Life-long learning, flexible study, and studying abroad are the call of the day. All these developments raise tough questions. They may involve pitfalls and risks. But they also entail opportunities.

It is interesting to examine and sense the potential impact of said developments on higher education, particularly on the education and the life of students, their thoughts and their feelings. On the academic record, well-being, learning process, choice processes, social network … of those for and with whom we, as educators, are working. This brings us to the most pertinent question: how do we take the lead, rather than lag behind, but without chasing? How do we meet the needs of our target audience now and in the future?

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